When you need to connect to a Firebird database this component will help you. There are two ways of getting a connection; a direct connection or through a pool. For more info about pools see the Connections Pool section of the help.


Direct connection

Using a direct connection means that you connect to the database server directly using an IP address and a port. This is the easiest way since there is no configuration needed and it only requires a few parameters. However for production code, we strongly recommend you to look at connection pooling.

A connection is direct when the Connection pool option is not checked.

Basic fields

The first fields are self explanatory, enter the IP address or hostname in the Server field, the port in Port. User id and Password are your login credentials.


Firebird uses a file as its storage, it usually has a FDB or GDB extension. Use the helper icon to browse to where your database file is located.

The recommended extension for your Firebird database is FDB. From the Firebird FAQ:

On non-Windows platforms it does not matter much. GDB has historically been an extension for InterBase databases. Firebird is a fork of InterBase 6.0, so it inherited that. However, Windows systems since Windows XP have a System Restore feature, and GBD extension is included in extensions 'protected' by it. This means that database file will be backed up by Windows any time any write is done to it. Since Firebird writes information about each transaction in the file, this process will happen all the time. If you have a large database file, this can seriously affect performance.


The Properties field allows you to specify any connection properties.

Direct connection example

FirebirdConnection frbcon = new FirebirdConnection("", 0, "C:\\Firebird\\storage.fdb", "SYSDBA", "#$E%0xaW50ZWxsdXM=", "");

Pooled connection

The recommended way to use connections is to use a connection pool. When you have a pool setup you check the Connection Pool option and select your pool from the helper icon. This will give you something like this:

FirebirdConnection frbcon = (FirebirdConnection) PoolManager.instance().getIPool("myPool").getConnection();

If the list of pooled connection is empty you need to configure your pools in 360's administration tool. Please see the help section for Pool Connections.