Check log status

This component checks the log file for specific log type occurences. For example, at the last part of your script you want to know if anything went wrong (up to that point in the script) you can use this component and look for any ERROR logging. You cannot search for specific log messages, only for different types of logging.

The Returned status is a boolean set to true if logging has been made.

The types of logging are:

  • INFO


Simply use the default values of the dialog and select ERROR from the helper icon next to the Log level and you will get this:

boolean sts1 = BCCLog.isLogged("ERROR");

That will tell you if your script has logged an ERROR up to that point.

Difference between Thread and Global

The scope of what log files you want to look at can be changed in the Scope box. The default is Thread which just searches this specific jobs own log. If you instead use Global the search will look.