CXF Part 2

In this part the web-service will be deployed in a 360 service of typ 'Web' 

First create a folder for the war files, we use c:\demo\testws in this example. Next in 360 Configuration at the service page create a new service and select type 'Web'. 

Fill in the name, port and Folder with -war files are filled in. Note that the classpath options are left unchecked.


Next export the project as a .war file to the c:\demo\testws folder. Right click the TestWS project in the workbench and select export

Next screen, specify the destination path

The folder c:\demo\testws now looks like this

We are ready to start the service but first make sure the service in the workbench is stopped because we use the same port 8090
After starting the service in 360 config

The service are now ready to be called. Starting a browser the CXF servlet will show

The war file has been unpacked. The TomcatContainerLogging is there to handle logging in 360 admin