CXF Part 3

The web service created in part 1,2 are ready to be called from any language. In 360 a java client can be generated to call the web service. 

Create the client project of type 'Dynamic Web Project' and we call it TestClient. Select the project,right click and select new->other

Next screen, the service definition is the address to the wsdl, note that the service needs to be running. Also change the web service runtime to CXF. 

Next set the package name the java client is generated to

The rest of the screens are left with default values

The TestClient project now looks like this

The client is in which contains a main method that calls the service with some generated test values. The generator also create Demo and DemoImpl which is actually the server side and not needed here.

Running the Demo_Demo_Client will call the deployed service getPrice and print the following to the console which means success.