Service View

Tags can be added to Services and Jobs and is used to group things together.  The service view shows services and jobs in a tree structure. Actions can be performed at one or many objects by check the object and then perform the action in the toolbar e.g. start a service by checking the service checkbox and then click the start button in the toolbar.  A spinning icon is displayed until the service is started

The service view with tag search support is found at the left menu

Add a new tag to a service
In all services and jobs there is a tag input. To add a new tag simply type the name and press enter or space/comma and the new tag is added, bellow the new tag customershop is added

After pressing enter the new tag appears as

Back at the service view the new added tag can be used to filter services and jobs

Select a tab and the view will only display services. When no tags are selected all services and jobs are displayed 

Start and stop services.

Check the services to start or stop and then press the toolbar button. Th service displays a spinning icon while the service is about to stop or start.