Xtellus 360 is a simple yet powerful integration and monitoring product with a large amount of integration functions called components that can be deployed to a number of different services, such as a Scheduler, a Web Application Process or a Folder Monitor.

Xtellus Admin

The Xtellus Admin is the Windows system service that is installed and managed with the Xtellus Administration Service tool that comes with the 360 installation. The Xtellus Admin shows up in your Windows services list as:

Xtellus Admin C:\Xtellus_360

Or something similar depending on where you installed 360. It controls if 360 is started or stopped, in other words if you integrations are running or not.

360 Workbench

When developing integrations and Java applications you will use a tool called 360 Workbench. This is an Eclipse based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from which you can program and execute your code while taking advantage of 360's framework.